Turkish Embassy in Skopje


Presentation of TIKA's Project for the Development of Apiculture in Macedonia, 29.01.2009

I would like to welcome you all to this gathering jointly organized by the Turkish Embassy and the Turkish International Cooperation and Development Agency, also known as TİKA. In 2006 with the collaboration and contribution of the Macedonian Government, TİKA Skopje Office launched a pilot project in eastern Macedonia with the aim of developing a new sector: beekeeping. This project has proved to be a great success on many levels and was selected as one of the best development projects within the “South-South Cooperation” by the UNDP in 2008.

We wanted to organize an event on this occasion, as this project is just one of the various activities led by TİKA in Macedonia and also a good example of the multifaceted relations between the Republic of Turkey and the Republic of Macedonia.

But since the TİKA Coordinator and his Deputy will be making a presentation about the project, I will not further dwell on it and let them explain their own project. However, I just want to point out that this Project not only helped poor villagers increase their income, but it also contributed to the environment and inter-communal cooperation.

I am deeply grateful to H.E. Mr. Necati Jakupi, Minister of Environment, to the Representative of the Ministry of Agriculture, as well as State Minister Hadi Nezir, for attending this official presentation. It is also a great honor to have Ambassador Mejias, the UNDP Resident Coordinator, who will give a keynote speech on behalf of the UNDP, with us today.

If you allow me to say a few words to the participating families in my own language, I will then give the floor toAmbassador Mejias.

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