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Press Release Regarding The Commemoration Ceremonies In The Japanese Town Of Kushimoto For The Turkish Mariners Who Lost Their Lives In The “ertuğrul Frigate” Accident Which Occured In 1890 And The Opening Of A Statue Of Atatürk , 03.06.2010

Every year on June 3, commemoration ceremonies are being held in the Japanese town of Kushimoto, for the Turkish mariners who lost their lives in the “Ertuğrul Frigate” accident which occured in 1890.

2010, celebrated as “Japan Year in Turkey” is also the 120th anniversary of the sinking of the “Ertuğrul Frigate” off the coast of Japan and thus, is of special importance for Turkish-Japan relations. In this regard, ceremonies both at land and sea will be organized in Kushimoto today (3 June), with the participation of the Ottoman Janissary Band.

On this occasion, a statue of Atatürk will be erected in the town of Kushimoto with the joint efforts of the Turkish Embassy in Tokyo and the Japanese authorities. The opening of such a statue with all its glory, that is made up of bronze, with a total height of 7 meters, marks this year’s commemorations as more meaningful and special. It will enable the memory of the great leader and founder of the Turkish Republic to live on in Japan, a country which we enjoy historical and friendly relations, as well as indicates the value attributed reciprocally to the bilateral relations.