Turkish Embassy in Skopje

Ambassador's Biography


Date of Birth: 04.08.1969

Place of Birth: Charleroi/Belgium

Marital Status: Married (the Mother of One Child)


Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary Education: Fleurus-Tamines / Belgium

Undergraduate Degree:  Department of French Philology – Istanbul University Faculty of Literature


Advanced French

Good Command of English


1991 – 1995    :Pedagogical Formation Lessons – Istanbul University

1994                :Computer Programs Lessons – Istanbul University

1992 – 1994    :Economy and Trade Lessons – French Cultural Centre in Istanbul

1998                :Certified English Lessons – Istanbul University

2007                :European Union Lessons – Galatasaray University


1989                :Certified Interpreter

1995 – 1996    :Istanbul Continent Hypermarket – Simultaneous Interpreter between Turkish and Foreign Managers

1997 – 1998    :Foreign Language Teacher to Private High School Students

2001 – 2005    :English Teacher – Orhangazi/Bursa

2006               :Translation of the French Novel, Vassilis Alexakis’s “Le Coeur de Marguerite” (The Heart of Margarita – Literatür Publication), into Turkish

2002 – 2007    :Head of the Main Level External Affairs in Bursa-Orhangazi District Organization

2007               :The Candidate to Member of Parliament in 15th order from Bursa

2007 – 2011    :Head of  Bursa Provincial Women’s Branch

2010 – 2011    :Head of Bursa International Woman’s Solidarity Association

2011 –             :“Sociopsychology” Master’s Degree Study at Belgium U.L.B.

2011 – 2015    :Member of Parliament –

2016-            : Ambassador to the Republic of Macedonia

As the child of a family migrated to Belgium in 1960s, she was born in Charleroi/Belgium in 1969. She completed her kindergarten, primary and secondary education respectively in Wanfercée-Baulet, Fleurus and Tamines/Belgium. Due to her interest in linguistics, she completed her undergraduate degree at Istanbul University Faculty of Literature, Department of French Philology.

Her studies in the areas of pedagogical formation, computer programs, economy and trade, English and the European Union from 1991 to 1996, have had significant contributions to her knowledge. Started in 1990, she has continued to her professional career as a certified interpreter and foreign language teacher through her advanced French and good command of English. She has contributed to inter-communal cultural exchange by using her ability in Philology on French literary works to be brought in to Turkish.

She has transformed her profound experience on the European way of life, which is due to her Belgium citizenship, into social benefit since 2002, the time she undertook the responsibility of the Head of the External Affairs Unit in Bursa-Orhangazi District Organization. In 2007, she was nominated as a Member of Parliament from Bursa in 15th order. She has believed that politics should be used not only for solving women’s problems but also as a tool for handling all the problems of the country with a woman’s sensibility. Within this framework, she began her active political life in 2002 in and continued as the Deputy Head of Orhangazi District Organization (2002- 2007) and the Head of Bursa Provincial Women’s Branch (2007- 2011).

In the context of international relations, besides building a bridge between Turkey and Belgium through her common activities with the Brussels Turkish Lady Association as the Head of Bursa International Woman’s Solidarity Association, she has brought the fact on the agenda that woman is an important part of society wherever she lives.

In addition to developing and supporting projects which aim to find solutions to the problems of Turkish citizens living in the Balkans, she has signed common working protocols between the Turkish and the European women associations and has been resolutely implementing her projects, with an effort to contribute to adaptation process by improving intercultural communication.

Married and the mother of one child, Tulin Erkal Kara has a personality that is modernist, observer, enterprising, assesses local and national values within the universal norms and follows the developments in the world by prioritizing the knowledge. Her principle is transforming her travels, researches and analyses into social benefit.